Monday, March 10, 2014

Bon Apettito!


Risotto in Milan

....un cornetto, il gelato, margarita pizza, e il biscotti por favore! J Options are endless and so is the bottomless pit I call my tummy these days. Mama mia, the cuisine is delizioso and I can’t seem to explain  how I ever bothered with Top Ramen or even Olive Garden.

Meat platter I viciously devoured on my birthday. Blueberry steak anyone? #carnivore
It isn’t simply how effortlessly delicious and pure the produce and pasta tastes that’s fascinating; it’s the intimacy of the food culture that truly captivates me. Italians value relationships, and I can’t seem to think of a better way to develop and nurture relationships than nurturing your body and soul while chatting over a two-hour lunch with some fresh formaggio and red wine.

Let me clarify, I am LIVING and STUDYING abroad which is very different from vacationing. The Italian honeymoon phase of scarfing down everything in sight was short lived.  The only thing I LOVE more than bread, pasta, wine, and gelato, is living a healthy Californian lifestyle and feeling confident in vintage highwaisted swimwear casually strolling down Huntington Beach. I am by no means dieting; I simply have a balanced lifestyle which includes as much walking and yoga as it does food.
Because of the fresh, organic, and local produce available daily, my time in Florence consist of 3 trips to the grocery store a week. My inner chef is having a blast experimenting with Italian staples such as basil, tomato, pasta, meats, and fresh baked pane. Caprese salad topped with balsamic has been making its way to the top of my all-time favorite list, right under mom’s macaroni and grandma’s everything.
 The day I realized there is indeed such a thing as too much gelato. Another lesson learned
Nonetheless, mi piacciono i dolci!
In the not-so-lovely, raspy, eccentric, and inspirational voice of Mrs. Diana Vreeland “The body must stay fit. Fit people like themselves much better.” I like liking myself….but a little dolce never hurt anybody J
~ Eli