Friday, February 7, 2014

Let the new times roll

Being bold isn't easy, but it's fun.
Trying something new isn't easy, but it's thrilling. 
Not having a job for the first time in 6 years isn't easy, but it's well deserved...and I'm taking advantage of every minute of it. 
Whether I'm exploring an unknown side of town or developing friendships with cafe and boutique owners, there is absolutely no reason for me to be home....unless it's pouring rain like tonight. But even then, a little rain never hurt anybody. 
I'm a curious wanderer always asking questions and wanting to know more...and more...and then a little bit more. Yes, I'm thirsty.....but I don't crave mixed drinks or "wealthy young gentlemen" on instagram ( -_- smh). 
I crave newness, challenges, and simplicity.
 It's the effortless lifestyle that attracts me to the city the most. Everyone going about his/her day without a care in the world. Now, this is not the first time I've been exposed to this way of life. A few years ago, I visited my mom's home town of Tutuaca, Chihuahua where the locals were easygoing, friendly, and living day by day. This is new for a little ol' aspiring capitalist like myself, but I'm acclimating quite nicely. 
Oh, and the food! Goodness! Like nothing I've ever tasted. Whether it's a small, hidden, mildly sketchy cafe, tratorria, or ristorante where one can enjoy a delicious glass of  wine and unlimited appetizers (dangerous), your tummy will never feel so loved. 
Italy is a historically rich country but has some outdated business tendencies. I mean this in a big way, from both a macro and micro perspective. The heart of any business, the consumer, should devour the sales know, where the magic happens...or is supposed to happen. Customer service? Forget about it. Window displays are beautifully developed and breathtaking...but what's a good window display without an attentive (& hopefully well paid) sales associate ready to WOW you with a profound sales pitch increasing perceived value and most importantly, retaining a customer? The US is light years ahead when it comes to executing a basic business strategy on the sales floor. According to my retailing management professor, its just an Italian thing. 
No stroll along the via is without purpose. Every observation I make and encounter I have is intentional with one end goal in mind: to learn as much as I possibly can...what works, what doesn't, and how can I do it better? Soaking it all up like spongebob while using my futuristic skill set to create, develop, and formalize business ideas of my own. 

Being bold, trying new things, and solitude are all soo underrated. Getting lost in my own mind while looking up at this sky makes the music blasting through my headphones sound so much brighter, even on rainy days. 

Happy Friday :)