Monday, February 3, 2014


"Why not Milan? Or Rome?Or Paris? What made you choose Florence?" 

My professor opened the class with a serious, subtly intimidating, yet approachable tone. 

Florence is home to the renaissance, giving birth to the development of what we see as modern western art and civilization today. Aside from the tangible evidence of this monumental transition from the Dark Ages to the "Rebirth", there was a shift in human ideals. The population that once emphasized the unknown afterlife began o focus on the here-and-now. Individuality, egoism, and the strength of man made its way into the beautiful minds of artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. This was the same time Galileo revolutionized science and discovered the well known fact we all intuitively understand and take for granted: THE earth, our earth, orbits the sun!! OMG!!!
I'll save the philosophical analysis for another day, but why did I choose Florence?
.......I simply wanted a breath of fresh air :)

I love learning and school, this is a well known fact (#nerdalert)... But I have a serious dilema.....
I can't decide what I like more, my professor's distinct italian accent as she brilliantly lectures on global marketing management and globalization, her contagious enthusiasm while describing the paramount success of the 100+ year old Coca-Cola company and its multi-national business marketing strategy, or her fly thigh high camel colored boots complete with a lovely beige cow neck sweater-dress and matching leggings. I do appreciate a great outfit and passionate professor when I see one....and no, I did not snap a creepy photo. Instead, below is a photo of my walk to class everyday :)

Stay tuned for some more updates on the rest of my awesome classes and any other mind blowing historical facts I learn about. I'll leave you with this adorable puppy I came across as I took a stroll down Via Roma admiring the fabulous window displays of the most beautiful boutiques in the world. 

~ Eli